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ML The Modern Lovers Unknown
JR Mega Hits Unknown
Var Rock Myself Unknown
ML Roadrunner/Pablo Picaso Unknown
ML For All The Modern Lovers Unknown
Var UK Buzz 3 Unknown
JR I Am An American Unknown
JR Best of Jonathan Richman Unknown
Var Hi-Fi World Cover CD Unknown
Var Roadrunner/Friday On My Mind 1974
Var Beserkley Chartbusters Volume 1 1975
JR & ML Roadrunner/It Will Stand 08/1975
JR & ML New England/Here Come The Martian Martians 1976
ML The Modern Lovers 1976
Var Great Ideas From Beserkley 1977
JR & ML Egyptian Reggae/Ice Cream Man 1977
JR/ML Roadrunner Once/Roadrunner Twice 07/1977
ML Rock 'n' Roll With The Modern Lovers 08/1977
JR & ML Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers 10/1977
JR & ML Egyptian Reggae/Rollercoster By The Sea 10/1977
ML Modern Lovers 'Live' 11/1977
JR & ML My Little Kookenhaken/Roadrunner Thrice 1978
ML South American Folk Song/Ice Cream Man 1978
Var Beserkley's Back 1978
JR & ML Cleopatra/Astral Plane (Flying Live In London) 1978
Var Spitballs 1978
JR & ML Buzz, Buzz, Buzz/Abdul & Cleopatra 1978
JR & ML The Morning Of Our Lives/Roadrunner (Thrice) 01/1978
ML New England/Astral Plane 03/1978
JR & ML Abdul & Cleopatra/Oh Carol 07/1978
JR & ML Buzz, Buzz, Buzz/Hospital (Live) 11/1978
JR & ML Back In Your Life 02/1979
JR & ML Lydia/Important In Your Life 03/1979
Var The Troublemakers 1980
Var Maureen Tucker/Lady Carolyn 1980
JR & ML Jonathan Richman Songbook 01/1980
ML The Original Modern Lovers 07/1981
JR & ML Egyptian Reggae/Morning Of Our Lives 07/1981
JR Egyptian Reggae - Exclusive Remix 1982
JR & ML Jonathan Sings! 1983
JR & ML That Summer Feeling/This Kind Of Music/Tag Game 07/1984
JR & ML That Summer Feeling/This Kind Of Music 07/1984
JR & ML Rockin' And Romance 06/1985
JR & ML I'm Just Beginning To Live/Circle I/Shirin And Fahrad 08/1985
JR & ML I'm Just Beginning To Live/Circle I 08/1985
JR & ML The Beserkley Years - The Best Of... 1986
JR & ML It's Time For 1986
Var Gumby 1987
ML Beantown Gems 12/1987
JR & ML California Desert Party/When Harpo Played His Harp 1988
Var The Rounder CD Single 1988
JR & ML Modern Lovers 88 1988
Var Certain Damage! Vol 22 1989
JR Jonathan Richman 1989
JR & ML Egyptian Reggae/Roadrunner 1989
ML Route 128 revisited 1989
JR Jonathan Goes Country 1990
Var A Constant Source Of Interruption 1990
JR Having A Party With Jonathan Richman 1991
JR I, Jonathan 1992
ML Live At The Longbranch Saloon 1992
Var Beserkley's Best 1993
Var Party Party! 1993
JR & ML 23 Great Records By... 1993
Var No Alternative 1993
Var This Is Not A Love Collection 1994
ML Precise Modern Lovers Order 1994
JR ˇJonathan, Te Vas A Emocionar! 1994
Ernie Brooks Falling, They Get You 1994
Var Think About Mustapha 1994
April March Chick Habit 1995
JR A Plea For Tenderness 1995
April March Paris In April 1995
Var The Best Punk Album In The World... Ever! 1995
JR You Must Ask the Heart 05/1995
Asa Brebner Prayers Of A Snowball In Hell 1996
Var Sound Of Revolution 1996
JR Surrender To Jonathan 1996
JR Surrender To Jonathan 10/09/1996
JR Radio On! Stop And Shop With The Modern Lovers 1997
Var Live From 6A 1997
Var The Unreleasable Tapes 1997
Var The Inner Flame 1997
Var Acoustic Café Show 118 14/04/1997
Var There's Something About Mary 1998
JR I Must Be King 1998
ML Songs Of Rememberance 1998
ML Live At The Longbranch And More 1998
JR I'm So Confused CD single 1998
JR I'm So Confused promo cassette 1998
JR I'm So Confused with bonus tracks 1998
JR & ML Roadrunner 1998
JR I'm So Confused 10/1998
JR & ML "Home Of The Hits" The Best of... + The Beserkley Story 2CD 1999
Var Unconditionally Guaranteed Vol 11 12/1999
Var Songs For Summer 2000
JR & ML Regression 2000
Var Manifeste A.P.C. (Section Musicale) 2000
JR Egyptian Reggae 2000
JR & ML Buzz Buzz Buzz 2000
JR Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow 09/10/2001
JR Action Packed: The Best Of Jonathan Richman 05/02/2002
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